2013 Season Rankings

*Below are final results from the 2013 Season Long points race, The Golf Pride Cup.


More info on plans for the 2014 points race will be announced prior to the start of the 2014 season!

The Golf Pride Cup


The SFLAGT season long points race...sponsored by GOLF PRIDE.


The South Florida Amateur Golf Tour would like to thank Golf Pride- a new partner in 2013, Golf Pride will offer a prize package to the season ending points winner in each division. 




The Season Long Points Race, The Golf Pride Cup, has come to a conclusion. A final recap is below, and the full results will be updated Monday. Congrats to Rob Bryans, Sean Kund, and Omar Antigua!


Bryans Wins Tour Championship, Claims Golf Pride Cup in Championship Division

    Championship Total
1   Rob Bryans 455
2   Ben Byers 435
3   Tom Christensen 390

Rob Bryans carded a 74 in difficult conditions at TPC Eagle Trace to win the Tour Championship; in addition, Bryans earned 200 points in the season finale, moving him to a total of 455 points overall, narrowly edging Ben Byers, who finished T 6 at the Tour Championship, and closed with 435 points overall. Bryans wins the Golf Pride Cup for the Championship division.

Kund Surpasses Gochin to Claim the Golf Pride Cup in the Players Division

    Players Total 
1   Sean Kund 485
2   David Gochin 430

Sean Kund trailed David Gochin by 35 points heading into the season ending event. Gochin had led the Players division for most of the year with a victory and multiple high finishes, while Kund came on strong with three victories in the latter half of the season. In the end, Kund, after moving up to the Championship division, placed T 4 and earned enough points to pass Gochin, who struggled to a 9th place finish in the Players division of the Tour Championship. Both players had excellent years on the SFLAGT and Gochin should be commended for his consistency, despite the narrow defeat to Kund. 

Antigua Edges Mulrain for the Eagle Division Golf Pride Cup

    Eagle Total 
1   Omar Antigua 595
2   Jordan Mulrain 560

In another tightly consested battle, Jordan Mulrain led Omar Antigua by 85 points heading into the Tour Championship. Mulrain took an early lead in the Eagle Division, with a couple of victories and a runner up, before moving up to the Players Division. Mulrain continued his steady play in the more challenging Players Division and had earned enough points to remain in front of Antigua, who had put together a steady year entirely in the Eagle Division. A victory in November at the Miami Shores Classic put Antigua in position heading into the Tour Championship, where he would need a high finish to have any chance. Mulrain, after a difficult back nine, fell to an 8th place finish, leaving the door open for Antigua to catch him, and that is precisely what happened. Although Antigua stumbled on the last few holes and ended up one shot back in the Eagle Division of the Tour Championship, his consolation was a solo 2nd place finish, and the Golf Pride Cup honors for the Eagle Division.

Point Distribution per event:
For Tour Championship- Double Points
1st 200
2nd 160
3rd 140
4th 120
5th 100
6th 80
7th 60
8th 40
9th 20
10th 10

    Championship Total
1   Ben Byers 365
2   Donald Wolfe III 300
3   Tom Christensen 280
4   Rob Bryans 255
5   Kyle Williams 230
6   Gary Onorati 220
7   Kevin Garbizo 150
8   Bob Scala 140
9   Doug Phillips 135
10   Justin Onorati 120
11   Matt Renz 115
12   Kevin Houk 110
13   Tyler Bowen 100
13   Logan Stauffer 100
13   Brandon Hemming 100
16   Erik Carlson 80
17   Mike Wurtenberger 70
18   Jeffrey Briggs 65
18   Jared Barclay 65
18   Grant Witt 65
21   Todd Tyler Williams 60
22   Dave Hollander 50
22   Matt Minlionica 50
24   Diego Romero 45
24   Tedd Keyes 45
24   Salim Chaibri 45
24   Dwight Rogers 45
28   Wes Trautman 40
28   Brady Witt 40
30   Tom Posey 30
31   Kent Morris 20
31   Beau Beckett 20
33   Brad Cirino 16.66
34   Gustavo Biaggi 15
35   Sean Katz 11.66
35   John Wood 11.66
37   Kyle Koleos 10
37   Cam Rogers 10
37   Mike Bittinger 10
    Players Total 
1   David Gochin 410
2   Sean Kund 375
3   Scotty Schwartzberg 245
4   Ray Davies 200
5   Brian Casey 165
6   Gene Johnson 160
7   Kirk Conners 155
8   John Howard 125
9   John Acornero 120
10   Tim Tronzo 100
10   Matt Pourbaix 100
10   Scott Mager 100
10   Mike Sacks 100
10   Todd Tyler Williams 100
15   Wes Hitchcock 85
16   Mike Fouts 80
17   Roy Lynam 70
17   John Wood 70
17   Peter Onorati 70
20   Mike Bittinger 65
21   Gary Mintz 60
21   David Kuffner 60
21   M Carlton 60
21   Edward Whan 60
25   Corey Ryan 50
26   Chris Amoroso 45
26   Steven Browner 45
    Eagle Total 
1   Jordan Mulrain 520
2   Omar Antigua 435
3   Todd Williams 345
4   Scott Sloane 255
5   Tim Spencer 220
6   Robert Marrero 210
7   Emilio Mendez 185
8   Luis Restrepo 180
9   Ben Dickinson 165
9   Benjamin Joella 165
11   Daniel Riley 145
12   Peter Onorati 130
13   Chris Genske  100
14   Jorge Skala 95
15   Ryan Walter 90
16   Aryeh Lehrer 80
16   Greg Carvajal 80
16   James Ward 80
19   Joseph Lewis 70
19   Paul Tornambe 70
21   Ed Ferguson 60
21   Adam Fortner 60
23   Joe Myers 50
23   Jim Bellinger 50
25   Marc Thomas 47.5
26   Bruce Ritter 30
27   Harsh Gupta 7.5

* Note: When a player moves "up" a division, points earned in the players new division will be applied to their previous total, allowing the player to remain in the running for the Season Long Points Championship based on their accomplishments prior to and after the division change.


Example- Player X earns 240 points in Eagle Division, then moves up to Players Division; all points earned in the more challenging Players division will be applied to Player A's running total in the Eagle division, to allow the player the opportunity to contend for the Year end points race in the Eagle division.

Point Distribution per event:
1st 100
2nd 80
3rd 70
4th 60
5th 50
6th 40
7th 30
8th 20
9th 10
10th 5
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